Monday, February 22, 2016

Today Caden flew to Tennessee! We got to talk to him on the phone and hear about his travels and how the MTC was. He said "I don't feel ready to enter the field but here I go anyway". He's gonna be amazing! This is the pic we got from his mission president. That's him and his wife with all the new missionaries that just arrived in the Nashville Tennessee mission as they picked them up from the airport.

Here is his last letter that we received from the MTC.

im glad! thanks for letting them know for me. (referring to me getting his friends his email address). i got like 12 emails. i wont know till i get out there but ill make sure to let you know my p day. its working really good i love it. tell her (grandma vickie) thanks for me (grandma vickie made him a blanket). my companions name is elder rodgers. he knows his stuff hes not very corinated shen we have exercise time and kinda talks to much when we are teaching people but hes good. im learning everything. all 6 lessons and learning so much about the gospel i didnt know before. im struggling to make sure i remember everything but ill just ask my comp if i forget. so far i do got everything i need and if i realize i dont when i get out there ill either get it or make sure to ask you for it. im actually a littel concerned about my camera. not cuz its bad but because i might not be able to upload pictures because other missionaries have tried and the computers dont have the right software so they need sd card readers but the one i got has and xd card which they dont make anymore so i might not be able to send pictures and might need to get a new camera. well see tho. tell everyone i love them. ill talk to you from my mission next time. love you
Elder neyman

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