Monday, August 29, 2016

the mish is going good. i dont know how j is doing because we havent been able to get ahold of her were going to see her this week. nothing yet. we have just been trying to keep up with the ones we got now and we havent been able to find any new ones yet becasue were out of miles and we cant ride our bikes to the areas we need to tract because they are too far away. we get fed quite a bit. probebly more than my last area. i dont know what the most common thing we make because we make so many different things like spaghetti burgers with home made fries burritos and many other things so i couldnt tell you. im doing good. things are getting easier for me just maybe a bit hard right now because i dont feel in tip top shape all the time and maybe because thats my leg healing or maybe becasue of the infection but im working through it. the only thing that gets hard is not getting discouraged. i love you too mom. keep me updated on whats going on. i love you all. 

weekly quote
"if for a while the harder you try the harder it gets take heart. so it has been with the best people who ever lived." Elder Holland 

Elder Neyman

Monday, August 22, 2016

Hey mom. My week has been good. There's no need to apologize. It's
good to know what's going on. If anything I need to apologize because
I forgot your birthday! I'm so sorry. I'm bad with dates and I put
them is my phone or iPad so I remember and I hadn't got it in this
iPad yet. I'm so sorry. I sent you a card and you should be getting it
this week. We all need a little kick in the pants to get us going sometimes.  My
new companion is good. We get along really well. We're both into the
same kind of things like computers and minecraft and other things.
She's (his investigator) doing well. We taught her the word of wisdom last time and she
took it well and said she has a smoking problem and that she's
interested in quitting so we're gonna print out the church's stop
smoking program for her next time. My leg is getting better. It still
dosent look super good but it's healing and the swelling is going down
so that's good. Sorry this email is short. This week has mostly been
showing my new comp around and letting him get to know people and
moving stuff around in the apartment and stuff. I'll write more next
week. Love you all

Elder Neyman

Monday, August 15, 2016

Hey mom. My week was good. So there's not much to report till about
Friday. We just did the normal mission thing. Try to find new
investigators teach lessons and so on. (Before I forget there would be
only one investigator you could pray for. Her name is J she's
pretty much our only progressing investigator with a baptism date. She
is married and has 2 kids with one on the way. She works a lot at... because that's really the only place to work consistently
around here. It's hard on her because she's due in October I think so
they cut her hours and they need the money because her husband can't
work because he has bone cancer. She's way into the gospel and has
been talking to her friends and co workers about it. She reads from
the BOM whenever she can but its hard to find time with work and
taking care of her kids and sometimes other coworkers kids. She smokes
and we are going to teach her about the word of wisdom but haven't
been able to meet with her to teach it this week because she's had
work and babysitting but we will probably in our next lesson or the
plan of salvation. So pray for her. Now back to our regularly
scheduled email.) so on Friday nightwe went to talk to one of our
other investigators but they are not able to meet very much and can't
come to church because they pick tomatoes and peppers in the fields so
we have to drop them. Then as we were driving out of their trailer
park the person that owns it stopped us and kicked us out because we
were driving on the grass. Grass grows like a weed here and people
don't even need to plant it they just let it grow so that makes no
sense. And he said you like ruining the road? We have to drive on a
dirt road in the park because that's all it has and sense it rains a
lot it gets muddy and sense we have a truck we like to hit the puddles
but it dosent ruin it. So no sense there either but I think this guy
just dosent want us there and might have been a little drunk because
he said last time we were there he tried to stop us by chasing us with
his lawn mower. So it was kinda funny. Then when we got home we got a
call from Presidant in the truck. I'm like what did I do wrong? He
said he wanted to talk to maxwell and said that he's going to
Murfreesboro to be a zone leader. He got the worst deer in the
headlights look I have ever seen! It was so funny! So transfers is on
Tuesday and I'm going to stay here and get an old man (mission wise)
his name is elder blazzard I think is how you spell it. He is actually
maxwells trainer which is weird. And he has one transfer (6 weeks)
left till he goes home. So he is going to be trunky (getting ready to
be home or focusing on home a lot). So we'll see how that goes. Other
than that it's been a pretty normal week. I hope everything is going
well at home. (You might want to re send those pictures because I
didn't get them. And I can email back and forth still because we're a
white handbook only mission now and it says nothing against that in
it.) love you all.

"Spiritual confidence increases when you accept that often trials and
tribulations are allowed to come into [your life] because of what
[you] are doing right.”-Elder Jörg Klebingat

You know how I got that tick my first couple weeks out? Well it left
an open wound that has healed over but hasn't gone away and it has
itched like crazy and the scab came off and i think it got infected.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Hey mom. How are things going there? What have y'all been up to? My
week was ok. Monday we went to a waterfall with some other
missionaries which was awesome. It's not like a standard Utah
waterfall hike where you hike 10 miles one way to see a trickle this
was less than a mile and the waterfall wasn't the biggest only because
it hasn't rained in a while but it was cool because there was a big
pool below it that was nice and cold. As missionaries were not allowed
to swim so we waded around to our knees but I wanted to swim so bad!!
Then I went on exchanges with elder Zunéga I think is how you spell
it? We just call him elder z. So I went to Winchester with him and had
a good time. Got to meet some bomb members and eat good food. And he's
way into Pokemon which is awesome because I like it and haven't done
any of it for years so it took me back to my childhood. And he was so
cool and gave me a TON of cards and few really good rare EX cards. And
me and him played a few games of it. Way fun. Then Wednesday we had
district meeting and switched back. Then Thursday Friday and Saturday
we had an open house at the church because we had the 127 yard sale.
The 127 yard sale is the biggest in the world. It's official days are
Thursday Friday Saturday and it runs the entire length of highway 127.
(About 500 something miles) so we thought we should have an open house
for the people that will be on the street to come learn more and have
free water. It was a flop. We had 3-4 people show up over the 3 days.
Then Sunday was a bit hard. It was fast Sunday which isn't bad but it
made it miserable because the AC dosent work in the church right now
and they're getting it fixed so it was hot in here. So that's my week.
Got to do some fun things which always makes the week go by faster.
It's so weird to think that I have a lot of family on missions. Before you know it Nate and dallin will be
gone as well. Thanks for all you do for me mom. Love you.

Elder Neyman

Weekly quote

“While we may look at the vast expanse of the universe and say, ‘What
is man in comparison to the glory of creation?’ God Himself said we
are the reason He created the universe! … This is a paradox of man:
compared to God, man is nothing; yet we are everything to God.”-Dieter
F. Uchtdorf

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

This week was pretty fun. Monday and Tuesday were normal as far as
missionary work goes then Wednesday we had district meeting then we
went on exchanges again. Sense I'm with the the district leader he
goes on exchanges with every companionship in the district so we go on
4 exchanges every month 3 with our district then one with the zone
leaders. It was fun I got to go with elder draper (no he's not from
draper Utah) and we stayed out our place and maxwell went to theirs.
We had fun we got to go to 2 dinners with 2 part member families and I
got to know him better because he's new to our district and have a fun
time. It's good to mix things up. Then on Friday we switched back
(before we left I got settlers of catan in the mail thanks mom) then
we drove to jasper about 45 min away but they were doing construction
so I got stuck in traffic for like half an hour which was terrible.
Then we drove back and had lunch and I opened catan and set it up then
we went out and saw people came back and I taught maxwell how to play.
At first I didn't explain it good because I was excited to play after
like 6-7 months not playing it so he got mad. But we set it up the
next day and I explained it better and he likes it now. We've played
like 4 games already and he's beat me 3 times he's a fast learner.
Then yesterday we went and saw this one new investigator we found and
she's read the intro and first chapter of the Book of Mormon or BOM
and understood how it came to be. The only question she had was why
isn't Joseph smith and Nephi she said it like nefi which was funny, weren't in the Bible. We
explained to her why they aren't and told some more about the BOM and
we're going back soon. Then today we had to head out early and help
this one person take a tire off their car take it to get fixed and put
it back on. Not the way I wanted to start out my day off but we helped
them. So that's my week in a nutshell. Hope y'alls week was good. Love
you all

Elder Neyman
Quite of the week and then a waterfall we went to and then some funny pictures.