Monday, August 8, 2016

Hey mom. How are things going there? What have y'all been up to? My
week was ok. Monday we went to a waterfall with some other
missionaries which was awesome. It's not like a standard Utah
waterfall hike where you hike 10 miles one way to see a trickle this
was less than a mile and the waterfall wasn't the biggest only because
it hasn't rained in a while but it was cool because there was a big
pool below it that was nice and cold. As missionaries were not allowed
to swim so we waded around to our knees but I wanted to swim so bad!!
Then I went on exchanges with elder Zun├ęga I think is how you spell
it? We just call him elder z. So I went to Winchester with him and had
a good time. Got to meet some bomb members and eat good food. And he's
way into Pokemon which is awesome because I like it and haven't done
any of it for years so it took me back to my childhood. And he was so
cool and gave me a TON of cards and few really good rare EX cards. And
me and him played a few games of it. Way fun. Then Wednesday we had
district meeting and switched back. Then Thursday Friday and Saturday
we had an open house at the church because we had the 127 yard sale.
The 127 yard sale is the biggest in the world. It's official days are
Thursday Friday Saturday and it runs the entire length of highway 127.
(About 500 something miles) so we thought we should have an open house
for the people that will be on the street to come learn more and have
free water. It was a flop. We had 3-4 people show up over the 3 days.
Then Sunday was a bit hard. It was fast Sunday which isn't bad but it
made it miserable because the AC dosent work in the church right now
and they're getting it fixed so it was hot in here. So that's my week.
Got to do some fun things which always makes the week go by faster.
It's so weird to think that I have a lot of family on missions. Before you know it Nate and dallin will be
gone as well. Thanks for all you do for me mom. Love you.

Elder Neyman

Weekly quote

“While we may look at the vast expanse of the universe and say, ‘What
is man in comparison to the glory of creation?’ God Himself said we
are the reason He created the universe! … This is a paradox of man:
compared to God, man is nothing; yet we are everything to God.”-Dieter
F. Uchtdorf

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