Monday, April 25, 2016

I'm doing good and feeling good. We have one investigator right now her name is
Louise. The rest are less active. It would have been cool if I
could have met Nate for lunch or something while he was out in Nashville. Not much has been happening
this week. Just tracting and seeing people. This next week will be
something because we have zone conference and it's  my birthday
tomorrow. So we'll see how that goes. Sorry I don't have more to say.
I promise next week I'll write more. Tell everyone thank you for the
cards and stuff they sent. It was nice to get something like that.  Tell everyone I love them

Elder Neyman

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Hey. My week has been pretty good. Not much to report on because it's
been a pretty normal week. The Mann's really liked the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. They're different
from their kind of cookies because they do small thinner ones but they
still loved them. They even kept some of the extras.
 Oh no. Now that Brycen and Paycen have discovered the king of random they're 
gonna destroy the house trying to make all of the projects and beg you to take them to the store all
the time. At least me and Nate could drive ourselves to get the supplies.  
We're just a
branch because we're so small. We have two others that feed us regularly, Johan and rosemary.
They're mother and daughter. They feed us twice a week they take turns
paying. That sucks about Sev's wisdom teeth experience. They hurt and they don't heal
completely for a really long time. Mine just finished healing like a
month or two ago. Love you and I'll try to have a cool
experience to write about next week. Tell everyone I love them

Elder Neyman

Monday, April 11, 2016

Kentucky is good. It's been stormy and cold but otherwise good.  I hope everyone is
doing well. My week was normal till about Saturday. On Saturday we got
transfer calls and .................we're getting whitewashed out and
I'm going to the bottom of Tennessee. Just kidding I'm staying here
and so is my comp. the only change is we get a full time car now
instead of sharing it with the elders in the next town over. This
email won't be too long because not much happened this week but
something did happen Sunday we had church like normal then we went to
the Mann's like normal for dinner.  The only thing that changed was me
and my comp ate a piece of this:

If you don't know what this is it is a Carolina reaper. The hottest pepper
on the earth. 3x hotter than a ghost pepper. And let me tell you. Eating it was the most painful experience of my life. By far. It felt like I was inhaling fire. We took ant acid before so we didn't get too destroyed. Milk only helped for a second. And even ice cream only helped while you were eating it. My lips were on fire for an hour. And I had and upset stomach the whole night. Not fun.
I'm never doing that again. If you cant tell I was in a lot of pain.
I'd suggest not doing it. Besides that nothing to really mention. Hope
everyone had a good week. Love you all
Elder Neyman

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

so this week not much happened. We got an
investigator to pick a day to come back to church
and to stop smoking. Which is awesome. We have
spent a lot of time tracking and trying to contact so
not a whole lot went on this week besides going to
the other elders area and watching the priesthood
session because they don't do it at our building. Sorry
it's so short this week but I promise next week
will be a lot more exciting. Love you all

Almost forgot the quote for this week again
"everyone will be as happy as they make up
their minds to be"-Abraham Lincoln