Tuesday, November 29, 2016

It was nice being able to have dinner with them. I don't think they had any weird traditions because it was normal food. They had a lot of pies tho. We didn't stay long because we went to three dinners that night. We were stuffed. My week was good. We gave a lot of service this week. We helped the food bank some more and helped an investigator move some stuff (he gave me a nice jacket because I didn't have an good medium jacket that's not too thin or too big). Then the food bank fed us after district meeting for helping them. Then I got sick. Your probably asking what I got sick with but I honestly can't tell you. It was a bunch of weird symptoms that made no sense. I got like 4 hours of sleep that night which wasn't fun. When we went trackting I was miserable. When we went to dinner the Hermanas were there too and they said I didn't look good and so did the person we were having dinner with so all 3 of them teamed up and mothered me. They gave me Tylenol and made me cinnamon tea. Then the hermanas went home and came back with melatonin and an vitamin c and an oil diffuser to help me. It was nice to know they cared about me and were willing to help. Then the past two days have been finding potential investigators and biking like10-12 miles every day because hey only give us so many miles to drive in the car a month. It's been getting cold too. I had to break out my heavy winter jacket I traded with another missionary for. That's pretty much our week. We have been trackting every day so it's just been a lot of people saying they aren't interested. We've been showing people the video #LIGHT the WORLD it's a really good Christmas video. You should check it out and share it. That's our week summed up. Hope y'all had a good week. Love you

“the Lord can draw a straight line with even the most crooked of sticks.”- unknown 

Elder Neyman
I got this picture texted to me on Thankgiving day from a member out in Tennessee who had Caden and his companion over for thanksgiving and it made my day for sure!! 

Monday, November 21, 2016

Hey mom. Things are going good. Yes I got my new card. Thank you. I do
have some (Pok√©mon cards) at home but they are packed away in my boxes you'd have to
dig to the bottom to find them. I'm doing good. Just going with the
ups and downs of the work. So this will be pretty short because we
have to email off the cars wifi because our neighbors that we use is
out. I write stories when I get them. And we had some this week
we just don't got a lot of time because we have to keep the car
running to get wifi so I don't want to waste a bunch of gas just
sitting out here but I will write them up this Sunday and send them
next Monday. Does that sound good? And I'm sorry I haven't wrote much.
I do want to write more but I don't know what to write because it all seems 
boring. Hey let jer know he can email me and tell him sorry
if I seem ungrateful for his emails I really like them
Love you,

Elder Neyman

Saturday, November 19, 2016

 I got this from Caden's mission president so hopefully if any of you were wanting to send him something you'll be able to do that by December 5.  We can't thank you all enough for all of your love and support of Caden!

Dear parents of our Tennessee Nashville Missionaries,

Christmas is a special season for missionaries.  We have many unique opportunities to testify of our Savior Jesus Christ
               We encourage families and friends to remember their missionaries at Christmas time.

Due to missionary transfers occurring the first half of December many missionary mailing addresses will change.
In order to ensure that your missionary receives the Christmas packages and mail that you send,
send them to the mission office,  not to individual missionary apartments.

The mission office address is:

To guarantee that your missionary will receive the Christmas packages and mail please send them to arrive at the mission office no later than Tuesday, December 5th.

Thank you for supporting your missionary.

Sister Lifferth
Referral Secretary
Tennessee Nashville Mission

Monday, November 14, 2016

Hey mom. That's crazy (about our stake splitting again).
 I didn't think we would have one so soon. Our
church is at 9 but at the beginning of the year it will be at 1. Yea
I've been to the temple 1 time out here. They have a bit of a squat
cookie cutter one that feels a bit smaller than the st. George one.
Don't worry I'll talk to him (talk to Nate about not dating just one 
girl before you leave on a mission). Yea there are a lot more places to eat
and shop here. Which is a good thing because the chain broke on my
bike and I need to get a new one at Walmart. Things are good with him
 (his new companion) (you spell it poppe). He's a bit awkward but I think 
it's because he's only been out 5 months and is a district leader. 
The work is kind of slow because we only have like 4 people we're teaching so it's a lot of knocking and talking to people. There's been a lot of opposition lately. Like the day my bike broke (Friday) we ran into so many people that wanted nothing to do with us. Kept telling is the Book of Mormon is false or we don't need it. Joseph smith was a false prophet. The person with that sign. Almost getting hit by a truck because my bike chain broke. So.... but joe is doing well learning more and more about the church. He's been a catholic for like 50 years so he knows christ well. The lady with the baptism date hasn't been able to meet with us after that first visit so we have to cancel her date till we can meet with her again and get her to church.
We have a dispute of who wants to feed us thanksgiving so we'll find
 out. And here are some pics.
Love you
Elder Neyman

Monday, November 7, 2016

Hey mom. Oh to answer paycens question there is 24 z's. 25 if you include the one to ask how many are there. So this week has been pretty good. So Monday we didn't do a lot because we had to be in early for Halloween. But we did get to go disk golfing. Tuesday was just a normal day. Wednesday we had district meeting and one of the sisters is going home so we had a funeral for her. (Its called killing a person off when they go home so we have a funeral sense they are dead) then the district went to lunch with a member. Thursday was a cool day. So we had to retire our car (no not because we crashed it) they retire them once they reach 50,000 miles because that's when they start having problems. And they gave us a brand new 2017 chevy Malibu. It's really cool. It's got so much technology in it. It has lane assist so if you start drifting on the line it will actually correct you and steer away from it. It's keyless. You can start the car from the key and let it heat up or cool down. You don't need to press the unlock button to get into the car. You just need to have the key in your pocket and press the button on the door and it will unlock. And to top it off it has built in wifi. Which is crazy. No the church dosent pay for it. So when the trial data runs out no more wifi. So it's been a lot of fun trying to figure it out. Nothing special happened on Friday. Saturday. We got transfer calls and McClain is leaving to Kentucky and I'm getting an elder poppy? I think is how you spell his name. I don't know anything about him so I'll have to let you know next week. And he's the new district leader not me. Then yesterday everyone was saying bye to McClain. Today he is going to pack up and they are having a kinda farewell party for him tonight so that will be fun. It's crazy to think I have a sister in law now and pierce is married. It's so bizarre. You'll have to send me pictures of the house they are thinking about getting. Love y'all. 

“the Lord can draw a straight line with even the most crooked of sticks.”- unknown 

Elder Neyman