Monday, November 14, 2016

Hey mom. That's crazy (about our stake splitting again).
 I didn't think we would have one so soon. Our
church is at 9 but at the beginning of the year it will be at 1. Yea
I've been to the temple 1 time out here. They have a bit of a squat
cookie cutter one that feels a bit smaller than the st. George one.
Don't worry I'll talk to him (talk to Nate about not dating just one 
girl before you leave on a mission). Yea there are a lot more places to eat
and shop here. Which is a good thing because the chain broke on my
bike and I need to get a new one at Walmart. Things are good with him
 (his new companion) (you spell it poppe). He's a bit awkward but I think 
it's because he's only been out 5 months and is a district leader. 
The work is kind of slow because we only have like 4 people we're teaching so it's a lot of knocking and talking to people. There's been a lot of opposition lately. Like the day my bike broke (Friday) we ran into so many people that wanted nothing to do with us. Kept telling is the Book of Mormon is false or we don't need it. Joseph smith was a false prophet. The person with that sign. Almost getting hit by a truck because my bike chain broke. So.... but joe is doing well learning more and more about the church. He's been a catholic for like 50 years so he knows christ well. The lady with the baptism date hasn't been able to meet with us after that first visit so we have to cancel her date till we can meet with her again and get her to church.
We have a dispute of who wants to feed us thanksgiving so we'll find
 out. And here are some pics.
Love you
Elder Neyman


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  3. Elder Neyman pointing at the sign reminded me of a funny story: one day on my mission, my companion and I knocked on a door and the person living there came out and said "Don't you know that soliciting is not allowed in this neighborhood?" In reply I said "But we're not selling anything." He gave us a funny look and slammed the door. It still makes me smile a bit.