Monday, November 21, 2016

Hey mom. Things are going good. Yes I got my new card. Thank you. I do
have some (Pokémon cards) at home but they are packed away in my boxes you'd have to
dig to the bottom to find them. I'm doing good. Just going with the
ups and downs of the work. So this will be pretty short because we
have to email off the cars wifi because our neighbors that we use is
out. I write stories when I get them. And we had some this week
we just don't got a lot of time because we have to keep the car
running to get wifi so I don't want to waste a bunch of gas just
sitting out here but I will write them up this Sunday and send them
next Monday. Does that sound good? And I'm sorry I haven't wrote much.
I do want to write more but I don't know what to write because it all seems 
boring. Hey let jer know he can email me and tell him sorry
if I seem ungrateful for his emails I really like them
Love you,

Elder Neyman

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