Thursday, March 31, 2016

This week was good. A little crazy.
So this week we had a
couple things happen. One is that we
found this new investigator and
she was super interested and even wanted
a Book of Mormon so we were
way pumped for that. We had to ride our
bikes everywhere this week
because we trade the car every other week
to the next town over. It
wasn't that bad cuz I like riding bikes.
It was the fact that when we
went to the return appointment for that
investigator we found the
first thing was she wasn't home so that
was disappointing and to make
it worse when we rode back it started to
rain and it came down hard.
So by the time we got back to the house
we were soaked. Here's a pic.

You can't tell that much but our shirts
and everything under them were
completely soaked and so were our
pants. And since it was raining really
hard and there was lightning we got
stuck in the house the rest of the day
so we went a little stir crazy. We ended
up playing indoor golf with
ping pong balls and changed into pday
clothes and went outside to be a little crazy in the rain.
Then we went to a birthday party the next day
for a members kid which
was fun. Then we had a member take us to
Walmart and get us a ham
and a turkey for Easter. Then we taught an
investigator and we actually
got her to set a church date and a baptism
date. It was awesome. Then on
Sunday I gave a talk then after we went
to a members house to eat dinner.
So my Easter was pretty good. I hope
everyone is doing good,
I love you all.
Almost forgot the quote of the week. 
Quote of the week "think of the
gospel as a light bulb. When it's all
together in its fullness it
shines bright for all to see and stands
pure. But when the apostles
died that fullness was shattered
into tons of pieces. Other people
wanted to have this light so they
grabbed some of the pieces and tried
to fill in the rest with what they
thought was right. But even though
they had parts of the fullness they
didn't have everything to make
that light shine. That's why there
are so many churches that claim
they are the true church. They
think that because they have parts of
the truth that makes them true.
That's why this church is the only
true church. Because we have all
the pictures to make the lightbulb of
the gospel shine.-Elder Neyman

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My week was really good. A few things happened this week. So
the first thing that happened was that me and my comp pretty much
spent all week with Morgan town staying at their apartment and them
staying here. That was fun. We did that because we had to do things
there and they had to do things here so it worked out good. Another
thing that happened was that I got to be part of my first blessing
this week. I only did the anointing but it was still good. Another
thing we did this week was that we had to clean and finish painting
the apartment because we had inspections so we had to stay up kinda
late cleaning and painting but it was worth it cuz we passed and it
looks awesome. I'll include pics. And we got another mattress finally
we're just waiting on the box springs. Oh we had to burn some more
stuff again. When we cleaned out there was this one room that elders
in past have just thrown stuff in there so they don't have to deal
with it and there was a lot of furniture and stuff that had mold and
stuff on it so we had to do a huge fire again. So that
was fun. But I think the best thing that happened this week was that
we got to go to a mission wide devotional and guess who was
there?....... Elder bednar. It was awesome! He was so spiritual. He
had a lot of good insight to the questions we had because it wasn't
like a normal devotional because almost the whole time we were asking
him questions. There was one I want to share because we can all learn
from it and because it was an awesome moment. Not exact quote. There
was this one girl that asked him a question and she asked "I know we're
supposed to go to conference with a question (in our hearts)but I go and my
question isn't answered. Am I asking the wrong question or
not doing it right?" Then he said "we expect everything to come to us
at once but you need to learn patience" total mic drop moment by an
apostle! But that dosent just apply to that girl we all need to learn
that. We can't expect everything to happen at once we need to learn
patience. Totally awesome moment to hear an apostle tell us right to
our faces and say we need to be more patient and not just expect
things. Really bold.  I hope things are going well at
home and that everyone is doing good and tell Nate that's awesome that
he's going into the guard. Tell everyone I love them
Elder Neyman
Quote of the week
> "We think of the gospel as many separate parts. We get the impression that we learn about one of these parts every Sunday and that it is its own topic. But it makes no sense. We should think of the gospel as a beautiful stained glass window. It has many parts and we should spend lots of time on each piece but we need all of them together to see the whole beautiful picture."-Elder Neyman
His apartment

him and his comp Elder Haley

Helping cook dinner at a members house

newly fixed up apartment

hiking around

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Yes that is my apartment. (I googled it on google earth ha ha) You got the right one. Yes I read the brad Wilcox talk. It's a really good talk. (I sent him the talk "His Grace is Sufficient" by Brad Wilcox). I love the part where it changes the question around from have you done one thing to be saved to do you do things to be saved. I love it. So this week has been a little weird good scary sucky hard and funny. So this week I went on exchanges twice back to back. One with the zl's and one with the ap's. I mean it was good because I learned a few things but it wasn't fun for a few reasons. One because they went tracting for like 4 hours straight. I know we go tracking a lot. That's not the problem. It's the fact we did it for 4 hours non stop instead of breaking it up through the day and I had to do that for most of this week so I'm burned out. And the fact neither the zl or ap I was with had a sense of humor. I was cracking jokes all the time and I only got a smirk out of them. What are they robots? They need to loosen up a bit. I know you need to focus on the work but you also need to have fun while doing it or you'll explode with stress and kill yourself because stress causes cancer and you to get sick a lot and laughing is good for the body and has the opposite effect. And they didn't do good at knocking on doors. I know they are my superiors and they've been out a long time and I'm new but they would knock wait like 4 seconds knock again wait like 3 then move on. So we would be on the next door by the time they answered! Agh! Sorry I had to rant a little. Besides that my week was good. A few weird things happened. One I realized I've been gone for a month. That's weird. It seems like last week I was getting a hair cut and applying for a credit card before I left. And that I got bed bugs in the couch I was sleeping on so we bombed the apartment and burned the couch.  And that we've been fixing our aprtment. It's 40 years old and has holes and stuff so we've been filing them in and painting. We're not done so I'll send what I have.  Tell everyone I love them and that I love their emails. Talk to you soon.
Elder Neyman

Monday, March 7, 2016

this week has been pretty normal so this wont be that long. only 3 highlights.
one is that i went on my first exchange so that was an experience. it
was fun and i got to learn alot. the next was that we got to start
fixing our aprtment and fill in all the holes and dings and start
painting the rooms so that has been fun and tiring. its
starting to look really good. the last is that
the couch i have been sleeping on has bed bugs. i thought they were a
myth but theyre not. i got tons of red bites all over me and they are
like mosquito bites and just as itchy. so that sucks. im sleeping on a matress thats on the floor with plastic sheets on it. im just in that transition period where im getting
used to the climate and altitude like at camp so if that goes the same
it will only be like a month before im used to it. i got pictures
of everything but i dont think ill be able to send them till next
week. she really does feed us every sunday (the member family that friended our family on facebook). its (the area) pretty small and i get
alot of doors in my face but thats missionary life. no theres not many
members. only like 25-30 max. they do pretty well here (not poor). i have but not
from tracting. its really safe but super small, not much activity.
My comp is super chill and likes cars like me so we have a few things in common. last pday
we kinda hung out and emailed at the church cuz it has good wifi then
we went to the bowling ally to play pool. that was fun.
 thats awesome (about Dallin running the half marathon) youll have to tell him congrats and happy birthday for me. i love you and ill make sure to give you more
info next week.
Elder Neyman

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

my new adress is 
111 Mullberry St Apt 1
Leitchfeild, KY 42754
United States
Thats right im in kentucky not nashville. so i already told nate i wont be able to meet him cuz im about 3 hours away.  it (the travel to tennessee) was a little bit of a blur because i was really tired from the early wake up and long flight but the presidant and his wife seem really nice and sincere. my trainer is really cool. hes from california. he helps me stay on track of what im supposed to be doing but hes not a stiff hes actually really fun to be around and we get along really well. im trying to learn everything but its kinda hard because my ipad has a problem and it wont let me get the apps i need like my area book and other stuff so its hard to learn about investigators and trackting. were trying to get it fixed. its not super pretty right now cuz all the trees dont have their leavs yet so its really brown but as soon as they do its gonna look amazing. i dont think ill need a new camera cuz my trainer told me we can use our ipads.  this week has been good and weird. when i first met my trainer we had to get in a car and drive 3-3 1/2 hours to get to our area. then i learned that our appartment isnt very good because its been in the mission for over 20 years and its been around probebly sense the 60s or 70s. ill send pics. then i learned i have to sleep on a couch cuz their beds got really bad bed bugs so they had to go burn them. then we went out tracting for the first time and to start off it was cold windy and snowing and a little freezing rain and we were out for an hour and not one person that i talked to let me get past "missionaries from the church of jesus christ of later day saints" before they would say i already go to church and shut the door or ive been saved and shut the door or just shut the door. then we got back to the apartment and my comp had forgot the keys so we had to climb in through the broken back window. that was fun. then the next day was normal and the day after was too then the day after we went to an investigators house and they made chicken and dumplings for us. which was good but a little bland. then the day after that a member took us to lunch which was nice then later that day they took us to walmart and made us i mean they wouldnt let us leave till we had over 100$ worth of food in our cart. it was really nice of them. then the next day that same member took us to dinner. that was awesome. that about sums up my week tell everyone i love them. 

Elder Neyman

The 1st picture is Caden and his comp at a members house who feeds the missionaries every Sunday! The rest of the pics are of his apartment including his wonderful couch bed.