Thursday, March 31, 2016

This week was good. A little crazy.
So this week we had a
couple things happen. One is that we
found this new investigator and
she was super interested and even wanted
a Book of Mormon so we were
way pumped for that. We had to ride our
bikes everywhere this week
because we trade the car every other week
to the next town over. It
wasn't that bad cuz I like riding bikes.
It was the fact that when we
went to the return appointment for that
investigator we found the
first thing was she wasn't home so that
was disappointing and to make
it worse when we rode back it started to
rain and it came down hard.
So by the time we got back to the house
we were soaked. Here's a pic.

You can't tell that much but our shirts
and everything under them were
completely soaked and so were our
pants. And since it was raining really
hard and there was lightning we got
stuck in the house the rest of the day
so we went a little stir crazy. We ended
up playing indoor golf with
ping pong balls and changed into pday
clothes and went outside to be a little crazy in the rain.
Then we went to a birthday party the next day
for a members kid which
was fun. Then we had a member take us to
Walmart and get us a ham
and a turkey for Easter. Then we taught an
investigator and we actually
got her to set a church date and a baptism
date. It was awesome. Then on
Sunday I gave a talk then after we went
to a members house to eat dinner.
So my Easter was pretty good. I hope
everyone is doing good,
I love you all.
Almost forgot the quote of the week. 
Quote of the week "think of the
gospel as a light bulb. When it's all
together in its fullness it
shines bright for all to see and stands
pure. But when the apostles
died that fullness was shattered
into tons of pieces. Other people
wanted to have this light so they
grabbed some of the pieces and tried
to fill in the rest with what they
thought was right. But even though
they had parts of the fullness they
didn't have everything to make
that light shine. That's why there
are so many churches that claim
they are the true church. They
think that because they have parts of
the truth that makes them true.
That's why this church is the only
true church. Because we have all
the pictures to make the lightbulb of
the gospel shine.-Elder Neyman

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