Monday, March 7, 2016

this week has been pretty normal so this wont be that long. only 3 highlights.
one is that i went on my first exchange so that was an experience. it
was fun and i got to learn alot. the next was that we got to start
fixing our aprtment and fill in all the holes and dings and start
painting the rooms so that has been fun and tiring. its
starting to look really good. the last is that
the couch i have been sleeping on has bed bugs. i thought they were a
myth but theyre not. i got tons of red bites all over me and they are
like mosquito bites and just as itchy. so that sucks. im sleeping on a matress thats on the floor with plastic sheets on it. im just in that transition period where im getting
used to the climate and altitude like at camp so if that goes the same
it will only be like a month before im used to it. i got pictures
of everything but i dont think ill be able to send them till next
week. she really does feed us every sunday (the member family that friended our family on facebook). its (the area) pretty small and i get
alot of doors in my face but thats missionary life. no theres not many
members. only like 25-30 max. they do pretty well here (not poor). i have but not
from tracting. its really safe but super small, not much activity.
My comp is super chill and likes cars like me so we have a few things in common. last pday
we kinda hung out and emailed at the church cuz it has good wifi then
we went to the bowling ally to play pool. that was fun.
 thats awesome (about Dallin running the half marathon) youll have to tell him congrats and happy birthday for me. i love you and ill make sure to give you more
info next week.
Elder Neyman

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