Tuesday, March 1, 2016

my new adress is 
111 Mullberry St Apt 1
Leitchfeild, KY 42754
United States
Thats right im in kentucky not nashville. so i already told nate i wont be able to meet him cuz im about 3 hours away.  it (the travel to tennessee) was a little bit of a blur because i was really tired from the early wake up and long flight but the presidant and his wife seem really nice and sincere. my trainer is really cool. hes from california. he helps me stay on track of what im supposed to be doing but hes not a stiff hes actually really fun to be around and we get along really well. im trying to learn everything but its kinda hard because my ipad has a problem and it wont let me get the apps i need like my area book and other stuff so its hard to learn about investigators and trackting. were trying to get it fixed. its not super pretty right now cuz all the trees dont have their leavs yet so its really brown but as soon as they do its gonna look amazing. i dont think ill need a new camera cuz my trainer told me we can use our ipads.  this week has been good and weird. when i first met my trainer we had to get in a car and drive 3-3 1/2 hours to get to our area. then i learned that our appartment isnt very good because its been in the mission for over 20 years and its been around probebly sense the 60s or 70s. ill send pics. then i learned i have to sleep on a couch cuz their beds got really bad bed bugs so they had to go burn them. then we went out tracting for the first time and to start off it was cold windy and snowing and a little freezing rain and we were out for an hour and not one person that i talked to let me get past "missionaries from the church of jesus christ of later day saints" before they would say i already go to church and shut the door or ive been saved and shut the door or just shut the door. then we got back to the apartment and my comp had forgot the keys so we had to climb in through the broken back window. that was fun. then the next day was normal and the day after was too then the day after we went to an investigators house and they made chicken and dumplings for us. which was good but a little bland. then the day after that a member took us to lunch which was nice then later that day they took us to walmart and made us i mean they wouldnt let us leave till we had over 100$ worth of food in our cart. it was really nice of them. then the next day that same member took us to dinner. that was awesome. that about sums up my week tell everyone i love them. 

Elder Neyman

The 1st picture is Caden and his comp at a members house who feeds the missionaries every Sunday! The rest of the pics are of his apartment including his wonderful couch bed. 

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