Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My week was really good. A few things happened this week. So
the first thing that happened was that me and my comp pretty much
spent all week with Morgan town staying at their apartment and them
staying here. That was fun. We did that because we had to do things
there and they had to do things here so it worked out good. Another
thing that happened was that I got to be part of my first blessing
this week. I only did the anointing but it was still good. Another
thing we did this week was that we had to clean and finish painting
the apartment because we had inspections so we had to stay up kinda
late cleaning and painting but it was worth it cuz we passed and it
looks awesome. I'll include pics. And we got another mattress finally
we're just waiting on the box springs. Oh we had to burn some more
stuff again. When we cleaned out there was this one room that elders
in past have just thrown stuff in there so they don't have to deal
with it and there was a lot of furniture and stuff that had mold and
stuff on it so we had to do a huge fire again. So that
was fun. But I think the best thing that happened this week was that
we got to go to a mission wide devotional and guess who was
there?....... Elder bednar. It was awesome! He was so spiritual. He
had a lot of good insight to the questions we had because it wasn't
like a normal devotional because almost the whole time we were asking
him questions. There was one I want to share because we can all learn
from it and because it was an awesome moment. Not exact quote. There
was this one girl that asked him a question and she asked "I know we're
supposed to go to conference with a question (in our hearts)but I go and my
question isn't answered. Am I asking the wrong question or
not doing it right?" Then he said "we expect everything to come to us
at once but you need to learn patience" total mic drop moment by an
apostle! But that dosent just apply to that girl we all need to learn
that. We can't expect everything to happen at once we need to learn
patience. Totally awesome moment to hear an apostle tell us right to
our faces and say we need to be more patient and not just expect
things. Really bold.  I hope things are going well at
home and that everyone is doing good and tell Nate that's awesome that
he's going into the guard. Tell everyone I love them
Elder Neyman
Quote of the week
> "We think of the gospel as many separate parts. We get the impression that we learn about one of these parts every Sunday and that it is its own topic. But it makes no sense. We should think of the gospel as a beautiful stained glass window. It has many parts and we should spend lots of time on each piece but we need all of them together to see the whole beautiful picture."-Elder Neyman
His apartment

him and his comp Elder Haley

Helping cook dinner at a members house

newly fixed up apartment

hiking around

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