Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Yes that is my apartment. (I googled it on google earth ha ha) You got the right one. Yes I read the brad Wilcox talk. It's a really good talk. (I sent him the talk "His Grace is Sufficient" by Brad Wilcox). I love the part where it changes the question around from have you done one thing to be saved to do you do things to be saved. I love it. So this week has been a little weird good scary sucky hard and funny. So this week I went on exchanges twice back to back. One with the zl's and one with the ap's. I mean it was good because I learned a few things but it wasn't fun for a few reasons. One because they went tracting for like 4 hours straight. I know we go tracking a lot. That's not the problem. It's the fact we did it for 4 hours non stop instead of breaking it up through the day and I had to do that for most of this week so I'm burned out. And the fact neither the zl or ap I was with had a sense of humor. I was cracking jokes all the time and I only got a smirk out of them. What are they robots? They need to loosen up a bit. I know you need to focus on the work but you also need to have fun while doing it or you'll explode with stress and kill yourself because stress causes cancer and you to get sick a lot and laughing is good for the body and has the opposite effect. And they didn't do good at knocking on doors. I know they are my superiors and they've been out a long time and I'm new but they would knock wait like 4 seconds knock again wait like 3 then move on. So we would be on the next door by the time they answered! Agh! Sorry I had to rant a little. Besides that my week was good. A few weird things happened. One I realized I've been gone for a month. That's weird. It seems like last week I was getting a hair cut and applying for a credit card before I left. And that I got bed bugs in the couch I was sleeping on so we bombed the apartment and burned the couch.  And that we've been fixing our aprtment. It's 40 years old and has holes and stuff so we've been filing them in and painting. We're not done so I'll send what I have.  Tell everyone I love them and that I love their emails. Talk to you soon.
Elder Neyman

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