Saturday, November 19, 2016

 I got this from Caden's mission president so hopefully if any of you were wanting to send him something you'll be able to do that by December 5.  We can't thank you all enough for all of your love and support of Caden!

Dear parents of our Tennessee Nashville Missionaries,

Christmas is a special season for missionaries.  We have many unique opportunities to testify of our Savior Jesus Christ
               We encourage families and friends to remember their missionaries at Christmas time.

Due to missionary transfers occurring the first half of December many missionary mailing addresses will change.
In order to ensure that your missionary receives the Christmas packages and mail that you send,
send them to the mission office,  not to individual missionary apartments.

The mission office address is:

To guarantee that your missionary will receive the Christmas packages and mail please send them to arrive at the mission office no later than Tuesday, December 5th.

Thank you for supporting your missionary.

Sister Lifferth
Referral Secretary
Tennessee Nashville Mission

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