Sunday, April 24, 2016

Hey. My week has been pretty good. Not much to report on because it's
been a pretty normal week. The Mann's really liked the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. They're different
from their kind of cookies because they do small thinner ones but they
still loved them. They even kept some of the extras.
 Oh no. Now that Brycen and Paycen have discovered the king of random they're 
gonna destroy the house trying to make all of the projects and beg you to take them to the store all
the time. At least me and Nate could drive ourselves to get the supplies.  
We're just a
branch because we're so small. We have two others that feed us regularly, Johan and rosemary.
They're mother and daughter. They feed us twice a week they take turns
paying. That sucks about Sev's wisdom teeth experience. They hurt and they don't heal
completely for a really long time. Mine just finished healing like a
month or two ago. Love you and I'll try to have a cool
experience to write about next week. Tell everyone I love them

Elder Neyman

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