Tuesday, August 2, 2016

This week was pretty fun. Monday and Tuesday were normal as far as
missionary work goes then Wednesday we had district meeting then we
went on exchanges again. Sense I'm with the the district leader he
goes on exchanges with every companionship in the district so we go on
4 exchanges every month 3 with our district then one with the zone
leaders. It was fun I got to go with elder draper (no he's not from
draper Utah) and we stayed out our place and maxwell went to theirs.
We had fun we got to go to 2 dinners with 2 part member families and I
got to know him better because he's new to our district and have a fun
time. It's good to mix things up. Then on Friday we switched back
(before we left I got settlers of catan in the mail thanks mom) then
we drove to jasper about 45 min away but they were doing construction
so I got stuck in traffic for like half an hour which was terrible.
Then we drove back and had lunch and I opened catan and set it up then
we went out and saw people came back and I taught maxwell how to play.
At first I didn't explain it good because I was excited to play after
like 6-7 months not playing it so he got mad. But we set it up the
next day and I explained it better and he likes it now. We've played
like 4 games already and he's beat me 3 times he's a fast learner.
Then yesterday we went and saw this one new investigator we found and
she's read the intro and first chapter of the Book of Mormon or BOM
and understood how it came to be. The only question she had was why
isn't Joseph smith and Nephi she said it like nefi which was funny, weren't in the Bible. We
explained to her why they aren't and told some more about the BOM and
we're going back soon. Then today we had to head out early and help
this one person take a tire off their car take it to get fixed and put
it back on. Not the way I wanted to start out my day off but we helped
them. So that's my week in a nutshell. Hope y'alls week was good. Love
you all

Elder Neyman
Quite of the week and then a waterfall we went to and then some funny pictures.

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