Tuesday, July 26, 2016

So my week was a kind of normal week. So on Monday we had p day and we got the lamphiers (the senior mission couple in our area) wifi extender set up so they can get wifi in their trailer now. Then after we went out and tracked and saw some people. Tuesday we had zone confrence. It was good we got to see how the new Presidant and his wife were with missionary work and what they wanted us to focus on (they want us to focus on trackting and finding people and doing the work and they want us to focus on making sure we get in on time at night so we can have our personal time at night) then after zone we drove home and did more trackting and saw some people we had appointments with. Wednesday we would normally have district meeting but because we had zone conference we didn't so we spent most of the day tracting and seeing less active people. Thursday we did the same thing and I got the hat you sent me. I haven't got to where I yet because we've been going tracting after the sun is starting to set but I'll make sure to take a picture this week. And thank you for that. Friday same thing trackting and going to our appointments. We also helped deliver a fridge to a member that's less active and can't buy one so we helped take it there and  put it in. Her house was not very good she is a bit of a hoarder so we could barely get in and they have tons of cats so it smelled really bad. But she's a good person that just needs to change a few things in her life. Saturday was more tracting and visiting people. Sunday we had a pot luck which was awesome. We had more people there than we had in the past (we normally get in the low 40s attendance and yesterday we got 51 I think). It wasn't so fun after because we spent like and hour and a half washing dishes and cleaning up. Not everyone just us missionaries and a few like 5-8 members. So that wasn't fun. After that we went tracting for a bit and saw one or two people. The reason we have been tracting so much is because we had a lot of people drop us and we had to drop a lot of people so we have to go find new ones as best as we can but tracting isn't being very successful. But it was an ok week. Not really anything out of the ordinary. Hope everyone is doing well. I'd love to hear from you all. Love you so much.
Elder Neyman
The first picture is the Quote of the week and then

A huge storm moving into the valley
A good sunset on top of the mountain 
mcminnvile zone with the new mission president and his wife the stones in the middle

This is a cruel joke for missionaries                                                

This is why we don't have dragons and unicorns now
No offense to Nate but he totally did this
This is so what kids do these days
I'm pretty sure this is true for you mom

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