Tuesday, July 19, 2016

So this week has been a pretty normal one. So Monday we got our truck and I love having it we don't have to worry if we're gonna make it up this hill or scrape or any of that anymore. We still got to worry about miles because they only let us drive it 1200 a month but now we got 4 wheel drive. Tuesday was a normal day we we and gave service at a elderly members house and helped them pull weeds and apparently they had poison ivy in there but neither of got a rash or itched uncontrollably. I know my comp isn't allergic to it because he took a leaf and rubbed it on him arm really good and nothing happened I didn't do it but I'm sure I rubbed up against it a lot but I don't have a rash. Wednesday we had district meeting and this week the zone leaders "ZL" decided to have it in the oldest LDS building in the south. It's cool to see that we have been around long enough for the buildings to be one room all wood win wood slat benches and just a slightly raised stage with a few Windows and bell tower. It was hot in that room tho we were all dying. Then we came back and we went out with a member. This tIme was good with this particular member. Because we've been out with him 3 other times or maybe 4 and had not seen one person. But this time we saw 2 people which is awesome because we could tell he was getting discouraged. And it was a cool experience because he came out even though he was low on money and gas but as he went with us it turns out he had more gas than he thought. Little things that let us know we're supposed to be doing what we're doing. Thursday we went out with our ward mission leader at 10am. we weren't supposed to go with him till like 2 so it was weird he showed up so early but we went and we drove around seeing less active people for like 5-6 hours we drove so far we accidentally drove out of our area and mission. But we quickly turned around and went back to where we were supposed to be. Hen he gave us dinner and we went back to our apartment and tried to see some other people around us. Friday was our planning day so that took up most of the day so we tried to see some less active people. We went and saw this family that moved in in April but haven't come to church yet. They were very active members in their last ward. They both held callings but they came out here and haven't come to church once. We only knew about them because we were going and visiting less actives. We're trying to get them to come to church. Saturday we were supposed to go out with a member but he canceled on us because it stormed really hard and he wouldn't be able to get off work on time because he has to drive like 45 minutes to his work. So we ended up tracting the whole day and in the rain. We were both dead tired that night. Sunday was good we didn't get much done because we had church then we had the senior mission couple feed us then we went and tried to see some of our few instigators. This week we had to delete a lot of people and a lot of people dropped us so we have like 12 people in our area book total that's super low. But that's how it goes sometimes. Hope y'all are doing well. Love y'all 

I found out my head size it's 23 1/2 inches but you might want to get just slightly bigger so there's a little leeway or not I don't know your mom you know everything 
I did get the package thank you so much
No new changes with the new president yet but I'll keep you posted 

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