Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I just realized that I forgot to post Caden's letter from the 4th of July so here it is:
So this week has been a hard one. We ran out of miles on our
car so we have been walking a lot and biking. Then sense it's the 4th
weekend and stuff no one really wants to meet with us and we have to
listen to fireworks go off all night for the past 4 days. But there
are some good things that came out of this week. We found an inactive
family and we're going to try and get them to come to church. Our
numbers at church have gone up. Oh speaking of the church we can't
email there or use the wifi there for a while because it stopped
working and I found out the problem but I can't fix it because I don't
know the password so we have to wait for this one member to come back
from a trip that set it up. So we're emailing from McDonald's today.
At least we got food nearby. I also learned that we can wear hats in
our mission now so could you use MY money and buy the Indiana jones
style one (you can go to the missionary website and see what I'm
talking about) and if you can find one a bag that looks like his so I
can go full jones? That would be awesome. You don't have to get the
bag the hat would be just fine. and I'm super pumped for this weeks district meeting because
we're getting a different car well I should say truck. Because the car
we have is getting destroyed on all the back roads and mountain roads
we have to go on. So I'll show you pictures next week. And on Sunday I
got to be a part of 3 blessings. One baby blessing one for the sick
and one for comfort. It was a really good experience for me. I hope
everyone at home is doing good. Tell Tia I can't wait to have a sister
in law and tell her good luck for me. Don't worry I'll email pierce
and tell him happy late birthday. Love you all
I almost forgot. We came this -
close to having a gun pulled on us. We knocked on this door and the
guy answered and was acting weird hiding half behind the door and then
he saw it was us and he took his arm from behind the door and he had a
loaded revolver🔫 so he took it and uncocked the hammer and set it
down. So we almost got shot. That was fun. Oh and here is your weekly quote

"When Jesus said repent, he asked us to change our minds, knowledge,
spirit-even our breath."-elder Nelson

Elder Neyman

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