Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I received this picture from a Sis Wright, a  member who's family was feeding Caden and his companion last Friday night. It was great to see a picture of him (it's been a while since he's sent pictures) and great to know he is being cared for out there by members of his new ward!
                    Here's his letter from his week:
Hey mom. So things are going good here. This last week was a lot of service and dinners. And a lot of our plans this week canceled on us. That always makes it hard because then we don't know what to do. It was fun at the wrights because they are just like our family. Loud, always getting on each other's nerves, lots of kids. It was like being back home. Yesterday was good. We had stake conference. We heard from a lot of wards and our mission president. Then after we got to go to a members house and have a really good dinner with the hirmana's. and we gave the guy (still learning his name) a blessing because he has Parkinson's kinda bad and isn't doing good. I know you want pictures and I'm sorry but a lot of what happens is so fast I can't get my iPad out in time but I will try better this week to do that for you. And I'm sorry it's not long this week. With all of our canceled plans it's just been a lot of knocking doors and trying to see less actives but they are not home. And thank you for the package. I got it and I love the blanket. It is really soft. And thanks for my crackers and the pictures you guys sent. Hope y'all are doing good. Love you

"Come what may and love it"-Joseph B Wirthlin 

Elder Neyman

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