Monday, January 9, 2017

That's so cool that it snowed. The weather out here has been crazy
going from 30 to 14 in the same day. It snowed out here too. I'll put
in pictures. Our church is at 1 now and it's starting to get dark when
we get out too. It's so weird. Man that's awesome that jer has another
sister. I'll get to know another aunt. This week has just been cold.
Very cold. I have to put on 3 pairs of socks and pants and 2 sweaters
and 2 coats and a scarf and beanie and gloves. So I have to layer up.
So this week has mostly been finding. We knocked into a few people but
we haven't been able to follow up with them yet. But I'll let you know
how those go next week. We did follow up with an investigator and
she's reading way more than we ask her too and is super eager for us
to come back so that is awesome. She would have came to church but got
sick so she's going to come next week and we're meeting with her again
this week. Other than that it's been knocking on doors knocking on
doors and knocking on doors. That's pretty much all we've done all
week. There were some funny/ weird experiences but they are in my
journal so I'll take pictures and send them to you next week. Hope you
and everyone else is doing good. Love y'all

Elder Neyman

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