Monday, January 23, 2017

Hey mom. So it's been raining here and there but not super bad. It's
been really cloudy tho. I'm glad they (Jody and Abby and Jaynee)
 are doing good. I remember my pinewood derby. It was a lot of fun. I'm glad
they (Brycen and Paycen) are having fun doing that. That's really cool that you helped
with that project. It looks really cool. It sounds like bishop (Rogers) is
filling into his roll and doing well. So Beth and Michaela are doing
well. We taught them the plan of salvation last time and they love it.
She's still reading the Book of Mormon and asking questions and really
progressing. They love coming to church. Besides that it's been
tracting in the rain and knocking knocking knocking. We met some more
new investigators this week so we'll see where that goes. Also they
changed the mission schedule so we have 2 more hours of p day ( it
starts at 8 instead of 10) and a few other things that make it easier
to transition to home life and let you have more freedom in your
schedule. That's about all I got. Hope y'all have a good week. Love
Elder Neyman

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