Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Hey mom.  So this week has been eventful. There's only 3
big things I remember. One is I got to baptize someone. It was really awesome!
Her name is lacy. She was the sisters investigator. It was an ordeal because the
water was really hot and I had to do it 3 times because her foot kept
coming up. The other thing was that we had the cops called on us for
the 4th time. Be use we were "too persistent". That was fun. And I'm
getting transferred to Illinois. So tell everyone to not send me
letters till next week when I get my address. So I don't have much to
say because I'm going to leave wifi soon so make sure to tell people
sorry for me not emailing them. I'm going to eldorado. We cover the 
bottom third of Illinois split into two areas. I will cover the eastern half.
Here's the area I'm in now and the one I'm going to. And the size is
relative. So my new area is 4 times as big as the one now.Hope all is well. Love y'all

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