Monday, February 20, 2017

Hey mom. My week has been good. Not much going on. It's been just
cloudy lately. It sounds like you guys have been having a fun time. In
that picture my house is the one on the right.
Don't worry mom you
were and are a very good mom. Sorry I don't have much to say this
week. There is some stuff going on with one of our investigators but
it's kinda personal stuff and we don't know all of it. But I'm doing
good. We have exchanges and zone conference this week so I'll let you
know how that goes. Oh I forgot we gave service. It was gross because the
lady that owned the house before the lady now has a bunch of big dogs and
kept them inside and the floor was nasty and had hair and who knows what on it
Tell everyone I love them. 

Elder Neyman

Playing risk on P-day

I was yellow. I lost. But I took out like over 100 of blues guys (my comp) with
like a handful of my guys so I think I did pretty good
Along the Ohio river

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