Friday, February 17, 2017

Yes I did get your package. Thank you mom. I really like the clothes
you sent me. I've been wearing them for the past few days. What made
you decide to send me them? That's awesome that Nate is starting
mission prep. I wish I had gone more. I only went to like 2 of them.
When is he going to put in his papers? There wasn't a whole lot going
on this week. We've been working with an investigator to stop smoking
and she's making progress. Her name is lavin. Like Laban. We went out
with a member to visit some people and took a picture with my comp.
 And it sounds like Nate is doing good. I like the new missionary 
schedule because I'm not much of a morning person and it lets us
customize our schedule. It's not too different. I look weird in this picture. And I can't remember what animal that is. Other than that it has been cleaning the apartment (oh by the way there is mice here and we are trying to catch them) and learning the area which is pretty much learning a bunch of small towns. Hope all is well at home. Love y'all

Elder Neyman

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