Monday, May 23, 2016

That's awesome that tanner is going 
to Washington. That's gonna be fun
for him. Wonder where sev is going. 
Oh transfers are this Tuesday and 
I'm leaving and going 
to pikeville with elder maxwell and
whitewashing, It means the two 
elders are brand new to the area 
and don't know anything about it.
So that should be fun. I'll give you 
my new address next week. 
Oh could you thank all the people 
that sent me that Easter card
from the ward? I just got it this week 
because we have two mailboxes
and we don't check the other and I 
guess it got put in there. Hope
everything is going good at home. 

quote of the week. "Keep moving
forward"-meet the robinsons

Love, Elder Neyman

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