Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Hey. This week's been good. No Carey 
(a friend and neighbor) and I won't be 
in the same mission now. 
He's in the mission for the other side of 
Tennessee in Knoxville right?
We're giving the Knoxville mission
one of our areas so they can 
be big enough to get a temple I believe. 
And because they have a small 
mission. that's awesome that Sev's going 
out there. Now we have me and Hannah on
the east side of the U.S and Sev and 
Tanner on the west. Now we just
need central for Nate. The area is great
just super spread out. The closest active 
member is 20 min away. It's so small you 
can look down the entire main street and 
see no cars in the middle of the day and 
see the end of the Main Street the whole 
1/3 of a mile of it. My comps good but he's 
still trying to get used to the country way 
of missionary work not the city way and 
realizing that you do a lot of calling and 
missing appointments because they forget 
to tell you things changed or something 
came up. And that's just the members 
sometimes. The investigators you just have 
to show up cuz half the time their not even 
home let alone appointments and we don't 
know where they go because the towns so 
small. I'm in a branch again but they are 
trying to make it a ward and get a normal
building like we have. But it's slow going. 
This week was mostly planning and knocking 
doors but we found some people so I'll tell 
you how those go next week. Tell everyone 
I love them. 
Weekly quote
Elder lampheir (the senior couple we work 
with in the town over)
There's no such thing as an atheist in a fox hole.
That just means even atheists will pray if their life depends on it.
So no one is ever a true atheist

Elder Neyman

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