Thursday, June 30, 2016

Hey. I heard about that (Pierce getting
engaged) and saw a picture of it.
Pierce actually emailed me about it and sent
a picture. He's actually keeping me in
the loop for once.  I hope you had fun at
the reunion and I'm sad to miss it but I
will only miss one more or not miss another
one depending if they will do a mcphail
reunion next year or not. So this
week was pretty normal so this email
won't be too long. We had exchanges again.
It's one of the perks/ downside to being
the district leaders comp because every
transfer (6 weeks) we have to have an
exchange with every companionship in
the district that lasts for about
2 days. So we go on them a lot. This last
one was fun because elder Davis was into
a lot of the same things I was so we talked
about stuff at night during our free time
and had fun. Other than that we ran out
of miles on the car from all the exchanges
so we had to bike and walk a lot and one
day we rode our bikes probably about
2 1/2 miles that we wasted because we
weren't able to get to Dunlap the town
over without going on the highway so
we had to bike back for a total of 5 miles
with no purpose and we walked probably
a good 6 more or something like
that. Which wouldn't be bad if it weren't
90 something degrees and 80%
or more humidity. I probably sweat a
good Gatorade bottle of sweat and
drank 6 maybe 7 bottles of water during
the day. It was not fun. Other
than that not much to report. Oh wait we
went on a road with a sign
that said dangerous road travel at own
risk and to see that in
Tennessee where the roads are
always bad that's scary. Oh I got my new
name tag and engraved it.
Tell everyone I love them.

Quote "no one of us is less treasured
or cherished of God than
another. He loves each of
us--insecurities, anxieties, self-image,
andall."-elder holland

Elder Neyman

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