Tuesday, June 14, 2016

 I've given two talks on my mish 
and I gave one yesterday on service. 
But I don't teach gospel principles out 
here like my last area. I think the only 
food I've found that's good out here so 
far is chicken and dumplings
but besides that they make normal food 
and they eat out a lot so it's
a lot like being back home. Besides 
ramen we eat a lot of variety like
beans rice various meats, normal stuff. 
Yes I did get the package and
thank you mom. I don't get the ensign 
but you don't have to send it to
me if you don't want to. 
I found 4 new investigators and gave out 
4 Book of Mormons yesterday went on
 exchanges and stuff. The exchange was 
good. It was fun to be with someone new 
and I learned a few things from him.
Here's the quote for the week I used it 
in my talk.  "One day each of
us will run out of tomorrow's let us 
not put off what is important"
Thomas s monson. 
And here's some cool pictures. This one 
is when me and my comp made a fake 
ensign picture. The second one is the 
view from the mountain when it 
was foggy in the valley.The last one is 
a lightning bug if your wondering.
Other than that I love you
And tell everyone I love them.
Elder Neyman

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