Thursday, June 30, 2016

(This is from Monday June 20th)
 So this week was a bit interesting.
 So on Tuesday we helped an elderly
member clear brush from his property 
then he had us pile it up and use
kerosene and diesel to burn it. That 
was fun. We called it magic juice
for fun. Then we went over to a 
members house and we got an earful
Wednesday and yesterday about 
government conspiracy like how 
they are putting stickers on our 
mailboxes with different colors for 
when they do martial law and if 
you'll be a good slave
and stuff like that and about deep 
Internet stuff and how the ok 
hand sign is the sight of the devil and
other weird stuff so that was fun 
because we were there for 
3 hours yesterday.
Then I got a new tie and the 
mission sent us mission pins I'll 
put in pictures.
Besides that we just did normal stuff 
like tract and try to see people. Little 
bit of a weird week with that one 
member but it was ok. 
We're having a bit of success but it's 
really hard out here because
people think that they are good with
 just the bible so it's hard to
even start to teach them. Although 
we had this kinda cool lesson where
we taught this deaf lady a little bit of 
the restoration then we set
up a return appointment and we had 
to teach her by writing stuff down
on our iPads and her reading it. 
Yea I'm eating good. The senior couple 
makes sure that we get fed well. 
They're awesome. And elder Lamphier 
one of the seniors reminds me a lot of 
grandpa because of all the jokes he makes
and how he was in the war and acts 
a lot like him. I hope your all 
doing well and tell everyone I love them.
Elder Neyman 
"Something that bugs me about
church members is that we have this
invisible Mormon checklist of all the
things we need to do. Some let
the gospel make them miserable because
of the checklist mindset. They see all the
stuff they aren't doing and it overwhelms
them and gets them down. Honestly we
should be happy we are doing anything at all,
the gospel is supposed to make us happy.
Throw away the checklist and focus on the
good you ARE doing and actually let living
the gospel make you happy."
- Bishop Aaron Barrett

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