Monday, March 13, 2017

Hey mom. So this week is going to be a bit weird. So I first have to
ask you a question. Did you send that package you were talking about
yet? I ask because I'm getting transferred. I'm not going far. I'm
going to Calvert? City and I'm going to be in a trio with elder
sanders and iler? So I don't have a lot of time to email today so
please tell everyone I'm sorry for not writing them. We have to finish
packing up because we need to leave at 7 tonight to head over there.
Elder Crawley is getting transferred too. He is going to Smyrna. So
we're going to Calvert city tonight then elder Crawley is going to
wake up at like 2 am to head to Morgantown to drop off and elder and
pick one up to go to transfers. It's weird and complicated. I'm sorry.
So just let everyone know I love them and I'll talk to them next week.
Love yall
Elder Neyman 

And here is some video of us tearing that bathroom out from last week. I finally got the videos

Also we taught a primary class yesterday. Here's part of it

Caden and his companion Elder Crawley on their last day together.

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