Monday, March 6, 2017

Hey mom. That's a pretty cool text that you got. Very unique. I
haven't been able to look over it yet so I'll let you know next week.
I'm feeling better this week. Lavin is doing ok. We haven't been able
to see her recently so I'll update you when we go see her next. I
haven't made any recipes yet because we haven't been able to go to the
store yet but we'll be doing that today. I'll let you know how those
go. Spring break. Hhhmmm.... the most memorable thing was just
spending time with everyone. I don't remember what we did just that we
had fun together. Sorry I can't be more help. You inspire me every
time I get an email from you. Thank you. There was one thing that..
nope two things that happened this week. One was that we helped a
member demo her bathroom so she can remodel it. It was dirty hard
work. We also cut up part of the floor sense it was rotted. I don't
have the pictures on my iPad but I'll get them from my comp and send
them to you when I can. The other thing was that we came very close to
having a tornado in our town. The towns by us had it go through but it
missed us. It was very windy and loud but we just went right to sleep.
Sorry there's not much to report this week. We got zone conference
this week so I'll tell you about that. I hope everyone is doing well
there. Love y'all
Elder Neyman

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